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Immigration Law

When you find yourself in need of an immigration lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you’ll want someone with extensive experience.

Navigating immigration laws can be difficult, but Monyo Law makes the process easy to understand. There is a lot to learn about the laws that apply to immigration.

What You Need to Know

With so many immigrants coming to Canada, laws undergo frequent changes. Only the best law firms can deal with the changing landscape.

Changes in the law can affect many different kinds of cases. Some people seek out an immigration lawyer to help a friend or loved one make Canada their new home.

Monyo Law immigration lawyers in Alberta also assist individuals with becoming Canadian citizens and help them obtain the necessary work permits. We are also qualified to help non-residents of Canada gain employment. In addition, if you intend to study at a collegiate level in Canada, an immigration lawyer can help you obtain a student visa.

Immigration Programs

There are many programs used to immigrate to Canada that can help you navigate your choices. They include programs for self-employed individuals, caregivers, and refugees.

In order to qualify for the self-employed program, you’ll need to have a way to contribute to Canada’s culture or its athletics industries. You’ll also need to prove that you have experience making weighty contributions.

The Caregivers program is ideal if you intend to take care of the country’s senior citizens or young children. This applies whether you want to work on a freelance basis or commit to providing live-in care.

If you are a refugee, you can often seek solace in Canada, provided you can prove you have a need to.

Monyo Law Can Help You

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